Monday, December 21, 2009


On my flight home today I watched an amazing documentary called "The Cove". This gripping documentary opened my eyes about the gruesome dolphin slaughters occuring in Japan. It also made me very angry. ANGRY that I couldn't do anything about it...but I guess writing this blog helps me get the message out and inform more people (maybe even YOU) that this IS going on and that this is a problem the world must attempt to fight.

In a hidden and highly secretive cove in Taiji, Japan, 23,000 dolphins are brutally massacred each year. The dolphins, who naturally migrate to this area every year, are trapped by fishing nets. The fishermen proceed by inducing stress through making loud "bang" vibrations in the water. Because dolphins are sensitive to sound, they become disoriented and become separated from their families. Next, the fishermen inhumanely stab the creatures repeatedly until they die. The dolphin "meat," which is toxic because of the high levels of mercury, is often mislabeled as another type of fish" and sold to the unknowing Japanese public.

I knew this slaughtering was happening from previous media stories but I guess as the saying goes, "Ignorance is bliss". Until we see images of proof, we generally ignore the reality of what is really going on. I saw the horrific images for myself; Baby dolphins being slashed, pods being separated and murdered, splashing in seizure-like manners until they just eventually all sink and disappear. The most unforgettable image is the footage of the blue water in the cove gradually turning into a savage red.

We all love dolphins because they are proven to be highly intelligent- They understand human SIGN LANGUAGE for heaven sake...I don't even know sign language.
We also hear many stories of dolphins protecting surfers from sharks or helping during other dangerous situations in the ocean.
Just like humans, they are curious, intelligent, value their family and have fun by playing or "surfing" in the waves.
If we generally like these peaceful creatures, and their toxic meat isn't even edible, then WHY is this happening? Sometimes this world just boggles my mind.

If you like a little "Ocean's Eleven" or a little covert operations then you should also watch this film. Not only are you being informed, but you get to see activists being secretly followed and chased by Japanese police and dangerously planting secret cameras around the "forbidden cove".
Lets face it, exams are over and holidays are here which usually means a lot more free time...and I know we all have a little more room for learning :)

Here is a link to the actual MOVIE I found online if you are too lazy to make it to a blockbuster ;)
Sidenote: If you have any problems with what I am saying, please refer to the video for answers. I am merely a (highly opinionated) interpreter, not an "expert" about dolphins.

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  1. you should watch sharkwater.
    its also really good.